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The Snow Queen Sample

In this scene we meet Fairy Snowdrop.

The Snowflakes enter, heralding the entrance of Snowdrop, Queen of the Winter Fairies.

Dance of the Snowflakes

Snowdrop comes tripping in near the end of their dance, tries to join in but stumbles over something and goes flying. She dusts herself down and tries to regain her dignity.

Snowdrop Approach, my snappy Snowflakes! Form a Fairy Ring!

The Snowflakes overdo it and crowd closely to her. She has to push them off. She sighs.

Snowdrop (Deep baritone) There’s Evil on the breeze, so we must do the decent thing!

One of the smallest of the Snowflakes is still clinging to her. Snowdrop picks her up and deposits her somewhere else.

Snowdrop Where was I…? (Runs quickly through the above rhyming couplet. To the Audience) Not bad, eh? I thought that was rather dignified, don’t you think? With just the teensiest bit of assertiveness chucked in. Well, not so much “chucked”, more lightly sprinkled! What do you think, eh? I said, what do you think? (Looks into Audience) Anybody out there? What is this? A staring competition? Well, don’t just sit there! Say something? Even if its, “I want to go home and watch the X Factor”… What do you mean, you don’t know who I am?

One of the Snowflakes whispers in her ear.

Snowdrop Oh, how rude of moi…! I haven’t introduced meself. (She shakes her own hands) How do you do? (Faces the opposite way) No… How do you do? (Laughs) Just kidding! (Dignified) I am the Queen of the Winter Fairies, sailing daily from Hull to Zeebrugge! Sorry, that’s ferries, ain’t it…? Anyway, you can call me “Snowdrop”. Or, if I’ve got a bit of a cold coming on, “Snowdrip”… (Noisily blows her nose. She examines her hankie and sings) “‘Snot unusual”… Where was I? Oh, yes… And on special occasions, by Royal Appointment only and with a letter of introduction, “Snookums”… It’s a Scandinavian word, you know? “Snookums”, that is. Oh, yes. Means, “Danish Pastry, well past its sell-by date”!

Song: Snowdrop & Snowflakes

Snowdrop See that Snow Queen? That Sibernia? I wouldn’t say she was nasty… But she’d give “Freddy Krueger” nightmares… You know, I never thought she’d ever use that mirror of her’s. But she’ll be wasting her time! What she doesn’t know is, that when that wicked Hobgoblin fashioned the mirror all these years ago, the Winter Fairies sprinkled the teensiest bit of Fairy Dust all over it, when the Hobgoblin wasn’t looking! You’ll never guess what that Fairy Dust will do, if Jack Frost tries to use it! (Winks) Just you wait and see! (Laughs) She’ll get Jack Frost “to blow up such a storm”, will she? I’ll put the wind up him as well!

Realises what she’s said and laughs. No one else does. One of the Snowflakes whispers to her.

Snowdrop (To the Snowflake) Do you think I should? Teach them the “Winter Fairy Spell”? I dunno…

The Snowflakes urge her on.

Snowdrop I suppose it’ll come in handy, eh? (To the Audience) Would you like to help me out, Boys and Girls? All you big Boys and Girls as well? Put one over on the Snow Queen and Jack Frost too?

Audience Participation.

Snowdrop Now, this “Winter Fairy Spell” is very important! We’ll let you know when to use it, mind! So, here goes…

She and the Snowflakes teach the Audience the Spell. The Lights fade, illuminating them.

Snowdrop & Snowflakes Evil magic now depart,

And melt the ice within the heart!

They make sure the Audience remembers it.