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Little Bo Peep Sample

This is an example of a smaller cameo role. The Town Crier visits the village of Loose Chippings to make a proclamation.

Town Crier enters, ringing his hand-bell and sobbing.

Town Crier O Yez! O Yez! O Yez!

Others Oh, get on with it!

The Town Crier dries his eyes, unrolls a beribboned scroll and endeavours to read it. He tries several times - ad lib - but is interrupted by a bugler, off stage.

Town Crier Hey! You with the bugle!

Bugler (Off) What?

Town Crier “Bugle” off!

He is answered by a musical “raspberry”.

Town Crier Ahem... Loose People of Good Chippings! Hear you all and take you good heed of the following Royal Proclamation, issued by His Most Profound Pantomimic and Majestically Merry Mellifluousness, Taradiddle, King of Pantomime Land!

Others Ooh, gosh!

Town Crier (Reading, with a strained “posh” accent) “One’s Most Loyal Objects, how’s it going? One’s hairy son...” I think he means “son and heir”? (Shrugs and continues to read) “The Crown Prince William shall be honouring you with a Royal Visit, in the very near future, if not sooner! We shall now be telling you for why he will be visiting. Our son, having secretly visited every Town and Village in our Kingdom, has decided that he wishes for to wed a winsome wench from amongst the Luscious Line-up of...” Wait for it... Wait for it... “Lovely Loose Chippings Lasses!”

Others Ooh, ever so gosh!

Town Crier “This has come to pass as our Son has come of age... and, anyway, the Queen and One are fed up to the back teeth with him moping around our Castle, banging on about female companionship. I tell you, Objects, being a King with an illegible son can fairly put One’s royal schedules into a right old mess. Before our Son makes his announcement, he will be restituting with the horrible Sir Barnabas Belcher, Bart..., Hereditary Baron and Villain of this Parish. Written with a ballpoint pen this day, the Worst of Octember, Eighteen-Hundred-And-Exit-Stage-Right!”

He exits. All chatter excitedly, especially the Girls.