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Sinbad Sample

This extract introduces us to Sinbad, the Principal Boy, and Sadie, the Dame. Sinbad is eager to tell his mother about his encounter with the Genie of Fate, while Sadie is interested in more mundane matters, like introducing herself to the audience.

SINBAD Poor old Mum!  She’s been down in the dumps lately…. That’s where she gets all her clothes.  Will you help me to shout for her, Boys and Girls? Her name’s “Sadie”.

Audience Participation and dialogue ad-lib.

ALL Sadie!

Bright & Bouncy Music

SADIE SINBAD dances and bounces in.

SADIE Did somebody call?  (Sees Audience) Oh, hello! How are you all?  I said how are you all? (Audience response – hopefully!) Great! (Turns to SINBAD) Sinbad! You wouldn’t believe the job I had getting here. Public transport? It’s a disgrace.  It’s never been the same since they privatised the Magic Carpets! I stood for absolutely ages for a “Number One…” Or was it a “Number Two”? I asked this young lady in the queue, I says, “When’s it due?” She went all red and said, “March!” When the Magic Carpet did finally arrive, it had a sign saying, “Small Dogs Must Be Carried!” Well, I couldn’t find a small dog, so I had to walk! Anyway, what’s all the rumpus about she asked getting back to the plot?

SINBAD (Breathlessly) Oh, gosh, Mother! One can hardly contain oneself!

SADIE Well…. You should have gone earlier. You know the old saying? If its not a riddle, it’s a widdle.

SINBAD I’ve just met someone who holds my entire destiny…. My fate….

SADIE Your fate…? A chiropodist? (To Audience) Get it? Eh? Oh, come on… Wake up! This is the best joke in the whole show, so enjoy it while you can!

SINBAD As I was saying… My future…. Our future in her hands!

SADIE You don’t mean…? (Current female politician?)

SINBAD Don’t be silly, Mummy. She’s not that important…. Even so, she’s wonderful!

SADIE (Aside) My little boy’s in love! He’s got a girlfriend at last! (To him) Where’s she hail from?

SINBAD (Rapturously) Why, Paradise…!

He slaps his thigh, much to Sadie’s disapproval. She tuts.

SADIE “Paradise”? (Aside) It’s not a bosom pal she’s wanting…. It’s a pen pal! (To him) So? What’s her name…? And does she have any money?

SINBAD Her name? Er…. Genie.

SADIE Jeannie? Jeannie who?

SINBAD I didn’t think to ask. She just opened her arms and said “Kismet”!

SADIE “Kiss me”? (Aside) Oh, the saucy wee flattering floozy, so she is! (Laughs) Talk about your “femme fatale”, eh?

Both are getting quite carried away and not really listening to each other.

SINBAD She said my destiny lies within the Caliph’s Palace!

SADIE The Palace?  She must work in the kitchens…?

SINBAD Oh, Kismet! Kismet!

SADIE Look at him! He’s so infatuated!

SINBAD Let me tell you all about her….


He prepares to sing again.

SADIE That’s right. Ruin a perfectly lovely moment. Start singing.