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The Snow Queen

Based upon Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved tale, our new version of the story follows the adventures of Kai and Gerda who believe they’re both far too old for fairytales, especially the streetwise Kai… That is until their grandmother tells them the tale of “The Snow Queen”. They suddenly find themselves getting caught up in the story, when the Snow Queen’s half-baked Henchman, Jack Frost, comes a-calling… Add to the tale a Crow, a Raven, a reindeer called “Drizzle”, a Handsome Prince with a dark secret of his own and a kindly stranger – who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Christmas visitor – and you have a Pantomime full of fun, excitement and lots of chills… We hope you’ve wrapped-up well for your exciting journey to the Land of the Snow Queen. 

This year's wonderfully upbeat performance will leave you smiling in your seat throughout. This is a great way to pass the winter season with flying snowflakes” - The Copenhagen Post

The story led us into a different world of a wicked queen, a brave hero and an entourage of sidekicks and village folk all giving great performances in a snowy wonderland” - Fred Lowther-Harris

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The Snow Queen - Copenhagen Theatre Circle The Snow Queen - Copenhagen Theatre Circle