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 Ali Baba

 Babes in the Wood

 The Legend of Cinderella

 Dick Whittington

 The Emperor’s New Clothes

 Jason and the Argo-Nuts!

 Little Red Riding Hood

 Mother Goose

 The Nutcracker Panto!

 Puss in Boots

 Robinson Crusoe

 Adventures of Sherbert Dipp


 Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

 Little Bo Peep

 The Snow Queen

 Jack and the Jabberwock

 Humpty Dumpty

Mother Goose Cast

Fluffy the First (King of Gooseland) Very dignified, but a bit dippy.

Dame Gertie Goose (A Poor Widow) Very “motherly”, absolutely outrageous, red-nosed and pleasingly plump.

Billy Goose (Gertie’s Silly Son) The “Daft Laddie”.

Priscilla (A Very Magical Goose) One of the most difficult “Skin” parts in Pantomime; has to convey lots of emotions, simply by the way she moves or stands; simple or elaborate “Goose” costume.

Fairy Moonbeam (The Good Fairy) Young, chirpy and cheeky, but slightly short-sighted.

Flambeau (The Demon King) Sly and insidious, with a wicked twinkle in the eye

Fleabite (His Son - A Hobgoblin) Elaborate “green” make-up; fright wig and pointed ears

Muckworm & Sludge  (Skinflint’s Henchmen) Skinflint’s Henchmen and about as evil as a slight cold; the sillier and grubbier their costumes, the better.

Remington Hood (An Unemployed Outlaw) Principal Boy; reminiscent of “Robin Hood”, but dresses in any other colour than Lincoln Green.

Sir Skulduggery Skinflint (The Wicked Squire) The epitome of unbounded Victorian villainy.

Penny (Skinflint’s Beautiful Daughter) Our “Principal Girl”; cheeky grin, gorgeous smile and drop-dead gorgeous.

Chorus of Courtiers, Fairies, Goslings, Hobgoblins, Villagers, etc.