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 The Amazing Adventures of Sherbert Dipp Sample

In this scene, Sherbert Dipp and Inspector Mcmuddle meet Count Spatula, one of our favourite villains!

Spatula Well, well, well. What have we here? Three little kittens looking for admittance, mmm?

Dipp You!

Spatula Good evening, Mister Dipp. Long time, no see!

McMuddle You know each other?

Spatula Indeed we do. We go back a long way, don’t we Dipp? In fact, you could say we are old adversaries, are we not? But, I am forgetting my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is “Spatula”… Count Spatula. And you are intruding!

McMuddle What makes you think we’re intruders?

Spatula You came “intruder” door!

Spatula and his minions laugh at his pun. Dipp is unimpressed.

Dipp The malicious use of the painfully unfunny is just one of the many evil attributes of that criminal mastermind, Count Spatula!

Spatula You flatter me, Mister Dipp.

Dipp I first crossed the infamous path of Spatula whilst investigating “The Case of the Queen’s Missing Drawers”. He, and he alone, was responsible for that particular episode.

Spatula Lies! All lies! (Innocently) I was home at the time, relaxing, crooning and singing “Rock-a-bye Baby”.

McMuddle can’t resist the obvious punning answer.

McMuddle Sounds to me like the perfect “lullaby”.

Dipp Don’t encourage him, McMuddle.

Spatula (To McMuddle) You have the advantage of me, sir.

McMuddle I am Inspector McMuddle of Scotland Yard!

Shan and Malevola stare at each other, aghast.

Spatula Indeed? Well, then… May the force be with you! (To the Prince) And you are?

Prince I am His Royal Highness, the Prince Charming!

He slaps his thigh. Fang shrieks. Malevola kicks him.

Spatula Prince Charming? The original “Royal Male”? First class! If I’d known you was coming I’d have baked a cake! Yet, I can still offer some refreshment… Aperitif?

McMuddle’s eyes light up.

Dipp Don’t fall for it. (To Spatula) You wouldn’t dare?

Spatula, with an insane laugh, produces a pair of joke “false teeth”.

The Others (Laughing) “A pair o’ teef”!

Dipp You evil swine, Spatula!