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Manchu, Manchu, All Fall Down!

Abu Nazir, an evil Manchurian Warlord and Necromancer, madly desires the Emperor of China's Imperial Throne and enlists the aid of Komodo, the Dragon Queen, to achieve this end. Only one thing in the whole world can give him the power he desires - the famed Magic Lamp! He must, however, gain the unwitting aid of "a diamond in the rough", a certain "Allah-e-din, the son of Mustapha". Nazir, given a magic ring and a slave, Kasrac, sets off for Peking to find him, planning to disguise himself as "his long-lost Uncle, Abanazar". Allah-e-din, known by everyone in Peking as "Aladdin", however, is a bit of a lost cause. He's lazy, streetwise, always getting into trouble with the Peking Police and a constant worry to his widowed mother, the irrepressible Titania Twankey. He's  also madly in love with the Princess Pekoe, daughter of the Emperor Chengzu. Also getting caught up in all the nonsense is Aladdin's pal Wishee-Washee. Pekoe's friend So-Shi and the Lord Mayor of Peking, Bung - a bit of a rogue himself.

Will Aladdin win the Princess's heart? Will he find, and lose, the Magic Lamp? Can the Slaves of the Lamp and Ring be of any assistance? Will Abu Nazir finally triumph and ascend the Dragon Throne?

Discover the real story of Aladdin in this fun-filled Family Comedy Pantomime.

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