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The New Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Cast

Samarinda (Queen of the Sea Nymphs) As the bulk of this “exciting” Pantomime is set in the South China Seas area, we have named this character after a region in Borneo. We were going to name her “Calypso” after the Greek water nymph, but that would mean really silly jokes – something we would never indulge in.

Tiamat (The Dragon Queen) A Dragon Queen from mythology.

Monsoon (A windswept Air-Apparent) Just an excuse for several “wind” gags.

Babamik (Queen of the Serpents) In the mythology of New Guinea she was a cannibalistic ogress. In our version she is undoubtedly a vegetarian.


Will Atkins (The Landlord of “The Fairly Contented Roger”
A minor villain, a real hard nut, but loves his daughter to bits – and will die to protect her if he has too.

Simple Sammy  (Ribena Crusoe’s Reluctant Suitor)The Principal Comic and butt of all the jokes and slapstick. Accident-prone, but can lay on the pathos when required

Polly Atkins  (Robinson’s Inamorata) The Principal Girl. Pretty, practical and drop-dead gorgeous. Why she even puts up with Robinson, nobody knows. She proves to be just as brave as he is when the going gets tough.

Ribena Crusoe  (Robinson’s Widowed Mother) The Dame. Never suffers fools gladly. Cheeky, some would say rude, sense of humour.

Robinson Crusoe (Our Hero!) The Principal Boy. Terribly “gung-ho” and, like most Principal Boys, legs to die for and full of himself. Yet, when the chips are down, is very brave and ultimately compassionate.

Bilge (A Piratical prat) & Scuttlebutt (A Buccaneering Buffoon) The “Double Act”. Can be played by either sex. They have a repertoire of really bad jokes, which they indulge in without either fear or favour.

Captain Baralandi (A notorious Part Time Pirate)The Villain. A nasty piece of work if ever there was. A combination of every hammy film and television Pirate you’ve ever seen.

Man Friday (A Carib Indian) Semi-serious character. We, like Defoe, have made him a Carib Indian. Copper skinned and a man of few words. Gentle and spiritual.

Bowfer (Robinson’s Dog) Your classic Pantomime Animal. Big, lazy and cuddly. Should be an instant hit with the Kids.

Chorus of Pirates, Sea Nymphs, Snake People, Sailors etc.