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The Amazing Adventures of Sherbert Dipp Cast

Sherbert Dipp (Ace Detective and Master of Disguise)Extremely brave when the chips are down. Has a tendency to send himself up. Traditional “Sherlock Holmes” outfit. Doubles as “Scarlett”.

Inspector Mcmuddle (Of Scotland Yard) Not quite as stupid as he would have people believe. Victorian Police Inspector’s uniform, quite “military” in style. Doubles as “Pandora”.

Princess Cinderella (A Damsel in Distress) A very resilient young woman.

Prince Charming (Her Dashing Husband) Terribly gauche and desperately keen. Traditional Principal Boy outfit. Doubles as “Armpits Arthur”.

Blossom Buttercup (The Good Fairy) Comedy Pantomime Fairy. Doubles as “The Fairy Queen” and “The Witch of Talon Cove”.

Count Spatula (Sherbert Dipp’s Nemesis) Tall, sinister and darkly handsome, with an appalling penchant for awful puns. Aim for Bela Lugosi Dracula look in costume, accent and make-up. Doubles as “The Demon King”.

Fang (Spatula’s Sinister Butler) “Fu Manchu” type of character. Doubles as “Abanazar”.

Mrs Malevola (His Menacing Housekeeper) Loosely based on “Mrs. Danvers”. Hard-faced and irredeemably evil, with a long black dress and large bunch of keys. Doubles as “The Wicked Fairy”.

Armpits Arthur (A Sullen Servant) Role doubled by Prince Charming.

Scarlett (Cinderella’s Stepsister) Role doubled by Dipp.

Pandora (Ditto) Role doubled by Mcmuddle.

The Witch of Talon Cove (A Supernatural Phenomenon) Role doubled by Blossom Buttercup - but could be played by another actor.

The Demon King (Someone Who Doesn’t Exist…) Role doubled by Spatula.

The Wicked Fairy (The Scourge of Pantomime) Role doubled by Malevola.

Abanazar (A Sorcerer) Role doubled by Fang.

The Fairy Queen (The Champion of Pantomime) Role doubled by Blossom Buttercup.

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