AA Pantos
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 Ali Baba

 Babes in the Wood

 The Legend of Cinderella

 Dick Whittington

 The Emperor’s New Clothes

 The Golden Fleece

 Humpty Dumpty

 Jack and the Jabberwock

 Little Red Riding Hood

 Mother Goose

 The Nutcracker Panto!

 Puss in Boots

 Robinson Crusoe

 Adventures of Sherbert Dipp


 Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

 Little Bo Peep

 The Snow Queen




The Golden Fleece Cast

Hades (Demon King of the Underworld)

King Pelias (Jason’s Evil Uncle)

Jason (Greatest of All Greek Heroes)

Orpheus (Greatest Singer in the World)

Heracles (Strongest Man in the World)

Atalanta (An Amazon Princess)

Aphrodite (Goddess of Love and Beauty)

Hera (Fairy Queen of the Gods)

Medea (A Sorceress)

Detritus (Hades’ Scruffy Servant)

Styx (Hades’ Pet Harpy)

Odious (Pelias’ Son)

Argus (Captain of “The Argo”)

Circe (Queen of the Sirens)

Chorus of Argonauts, Palace Guards, Assorted Monsters, etc.