Entertaining Angels Sample

The scene is in semi-darkness. Intermittent sounds of laughter, cheering and scattered applause are heard echoing, then sudden silence. The Stranger enters and looks around, then speaks to the Audience.

Stranger Ah, the Circus! The smell of the greasepaint, and all that. “The Jongleur’s Travelling Circus”, to be precise… Not exactly your “Barnum and Bailey’s”, or “Billy Smart’s”, but not bad for a small-scale outfit either. Been going through a bit of a rough patch of late. You know, not exactly a sell-out… If you get my drift? Close to bankruptcy, actually. They get the occasional group of pensioners, trying to recapture their youth… Mums and Dads dragging their little dears away from their “Playstations”… “You’ll love it, Kylie”, they’ll say. “Its fabulous fun, Romeo! There’s Clowns and balancing on wires”, they’ll tell them. Of course, little Kylie and Romeo are bored beyond endurance. They’ll maybe raise the odd chuckle at the clowns, but don’t exactly thrill at the death-defying daring of the high-wire artistes. Not when you compare them to the nail-biting nerve of “Lara Croft”. The stunts and skills of “Grand Theft Auto”. That’s why I’m here. To put a bit of glitter and sparkle back into it.  To try and recapture the innocence, the pure enjoyment of “The Circus Experience” and, maybe, just maybe, add a bit of old-fashioned values and beliefs as well? Who knows? The boss of this outfit’s been having a few problems too. Mike Gabriel’s his name… (Laughs to himself) Sorry. Private joke… Anyway, he’s got family problems to add to his woes. So, my “boss” has sent me to try and sort the whole sorry mess out. Well, its Christmas time, isn’t it?

Lilith enters quietly.

Lilith Don’t rub it in…

He is caught off-guard. He turns and recognises her.

Stranger What is it this time…?

Lilith “Lilith”… Don’t be so formal though. Call me… “Lil”.

Stranger I wondered when you’d turn up.

Lilith No show without Punch, as they say. Why do they say that…?

Stranger I suppose your “boss” has sent you to keep things messed up? Always has to interfere, eh?

Lilith Hey, you know the rules. Check your Contract, mate. Wherever there’s Good, you gotta have… me. Or someone just like me. The guy’s totally miserable, so leave him alone. So, his life and career has gone down the drain? Hey, who cares?

Stranger I like a challenge… I believe in the power of the human heart and spirit. So, take that look off your face and do your worst.

Lilith Hey… Bring it on. Whatever plans you’ve got, petal, you’re no match for me…

She laughs and exits. The Stranger sits amongst the Audience?

Stranger Well then… I’ll need your help, kind strangers… I won’t tell you when though… As a friend of mine once said, “Don’t forget to entertain strangers, for you might have been entertaining angels unawares”. Get my drift, eh?  Its Showtime…!

He winks and exits as the Lights come up.

Circus Music

Mike Gabriel enters dressed as the “Ring Master”, laughing and smiling, but doesn’t really mean it.

Mike From each and every one of us at “The Jongleur’s Travelling Circus”, and from me your Ring Master, Mike Gabriel, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please show your final appreciation for all of our Artistes!

All the Artistes and Clowns enter, parading and bowing.

Song: All

They exit, leaving Mike alone. The lights fade, with just a light on him. His smile fades and he turns towards his office. The Stranger is already there, in the shadows.



AA Pantos
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