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Aladdin Sample

Thanks to the power of the magic lamp, Aladdin has gained untold wealth and build a magnificent palace in the mistaken belief that this will impress the Emperor's daughter, Pekoe.

Aladdin Well, Princess? What do you think of my little abode?

Pekoe Not a lot, actually…

Aladdin Oh…?

Pekoe Well then, O “Prince” Aladdin? Nice of you to ask dad for my hand. You didn’t think of asking me first? All that wealth, eh? (Sarcastically) Wow!

Aladdin There wasn’t any need, was there? Mmm? I knew this was what you really wanted. Riches! Power! I didn’t have to elope with you, because... Well, because... (Shows her the Lamp) Because I have this! The answer to our dreams...

Pekoe A lamp? A lamp is the answer to our dreams? Oh... Give it a rest, Aladdin.

Aladdin There's a wonderful Genie! She does anything I ask!

Pekoe A Genie? And she does anything you ask? Well I’m sorry, Aladdin, but I don’t want anything you ask for… Honestly, do you really want everything at your bidding?

Aladdin But... I thought you’d be really impressed, you know? I can give you anything you want, promise. Everything you wish.

Pekoe (Sadly) All I want is love, honest and sincere… And my old Aladdin back again!

Aladdin is totally baffled. The voices of the Kung Pao and Dim Sum echo, off. Aladdin listens to them.

Kung Pao Trust in me, Allah-e-din, and you shall be,

A Prince of Princes... (Aside) Well, perhaps we’ll see.

Dim Sum “Prince Allah-e-din”! I hope it doesn’t daunt you,

And some day it’ll not come back to haunt you!

Pekoe Aladdin? Aladdin…? Are you listening to me…? Oh, forget it!

She goes to exit. Aladdin snaps out of it.

Aladdin Pekoe! Wait?

Pekoe Forget about it, Aladdin! If my father orders me to marry you, then so be it. But he can’t make me love you.

Aladdin But, Pekoe, I still do.

Pekoe No you don’t. You care more about that lamp than you do me. Do you have to carry it everywhere you go?

Aladdin I must. I can’t explain. But I mustn’t entrust it to anybody else's hands. Do you understand?

Pekoe Not even mine?

Aladdin Not even yours... I can’t let it out of my sight. I’m sorry.

Pekoe So you don't even trust me with your silly lamp? Fine. I hope you’ll both be very happy together. (She turns to go)

Aladdin (In a fit of temper) Here! Have it! Have the blooming Lamp! (He gives it to her; emotionally) Take it! It’s brought me nothing but trouble... I just can’t handle any more of this!

He storms off.

Pekoe Aladdin...? I didn’t mean it! Oh, poor Aladdin. I do believe he still cares more for me than all his strangely new-found wealth. (Looks at the Lamp) Why does he still cling to this lamp? Look at it. It’s so old.

Evil Music

Nazir (Off) New lamps for old! New lamps for old!