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The Legend of Cinderella
When the Thanes Go Marching In

Set in a Scotland "lost in the mists of time", this new version of the familiar story uses elements of ancient Celtic folklore and the supernatural as its main themes. Calluna, Queen of the Faeries, finds a way to rid the land forever from the evil influences of Queen Thron and her Hobgoblins. Her son, prince Alban, must marry a Mortal Bride! The wisest of the Faerie Godmothers, Dalriada, sets out from the Faerie Glen to find a suitable candidate, eventually choosing Cinderella, the kind-hearted daughter of the daft Laird of Clartystanes Castle. Queen Thron, learning of this, worms her way into the Laird's affections and marries him. Unwittingly getting caught up in her evil machinations are her silly and somewhat "photogenically challenged" daughters. When Calluna announces "The Great Gathering", where Alban will choose his bride, Thron does everything in her power to ensure her daughters are well to the fore! Narrated and told in "flashback" by Buttons, "The Legend of Cinderella" is an affectionate variation on the classic Panto tale beloved of generations of theatregoers.

Exactly what a community panto should be - giving each member of the cast their moment in the spotlight” - Berwickshire News

Had a full read through with cast of panto last night and it was well received, to say the least, laughing out loud, and real tears” - Greenock Players

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