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 Ali Baba

 Babes in the Wood

 The Legend of Cinderella

 Dick Whittington

 The Emperor’s New Clothes

 Jason and the Argo-Nuts!

 Little Red Riding Hood

 Mother Goose

 The Nutcracker Panto!

 Puss in Boots

 Robinson Crusoe

 Adventures of Sherbert Dipp


 Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

 Little Bo Peep

 The Snow Queen

 Jack and the Jabberwock

 Humpty Dumpty




Babes in the Wood Cast

Robin Hood (The Legendary Hero!) Principal Boy. What can one say? Costumed as one would think he’d be!

Fairy Forget-Me-Not (A Spirit of the Forest) Absent-minded and slightly short-sighted! Wears thick glasses or pince-nez; Ethereal make-up with pointed ears?

Marian (The Baroness’ Ward) Principal Girl – Drop-dead gorgeous. Simply - and stunningly - dressed in the costume of the period.

Alan-a-Dale (A Merry Minstrel) M or F – Effete Dandini -type character? Convinced that he’s the Principal Boy – not Robin!


Friar Tuck (A Merry Monk) Lusty, red-cheeked and red-nosed. Monk outfit and tonsured wig.


Will Scarlet (A Merry Marauder) Bit of a rough diamond; fists first, thoughts second. Some Scarlet in his costume.

Little John    (A Merry Muddle-Head) Thick as two short planks. Be quite funny if he was quite a small actor?

Heather & Rowan (The Babes) M & F – Older child actors or young adult actors? Again, dressed in the costume of the period.

Wolfsbane (The Demon King) Greenish make-up, spiky costume, various shades of red – or forest colours.   

Sloeworm (Wolfsbane’s Half-Baked Henchman) Bit of a daft laddie character. Selection of silly wigs, pale faced and an array of ludicrous costumes.

Slug (His Other Hideous Henchman) As above, but with added scar and eye-patch?

Lady Effluvia Nightshade (The Wicked Baroness) Icily cold and not the least bit attractive.

Nurse Dumpling  (The Babes’ Nanny) The Dame – Another array of silly outrageous costumes and wigs.

Chorus of Forest Demons, Villagers, Fairies, etc.