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Aladdin Cast

Komodo (The Dragon Queen) A sort of Chinese Demon King; dragon-like make-up and costume.

Abu Nazir (An Evil Manchurian Warlord) Our Villain; a distant cousin of a Klingon Warrior, both in make-up and appearance.


Kung Pao (The Slave of the Lamp) Male or Female; if female, they should be scantily – albeit tastefully – clad.

Dim Sum (The Slave of the Ring) As above.

Wishee-Washee (Aladdin's Pal) Comedy Character; Male or Female; not the brightest of individuals; instantly loveable “Daft Laddie” type.

So-Shi (His Girlfriend) Comedy Character; perfectly capable of holding her own in any situation; absolutely besotted with Wishee.

Bung (The Lord Mayor of Peking) Minor Villain; common as muck, sleazy, oleaginous and completely two-faced.

Tiffany Twankey (Aladdin's Widowed Mum) The most famous Dame in all Pantomime History! All the usual virtues and vices associated with Panto Dames, with an array of increasingly ludicrous costumes.

Aladdin (A Diamond in the Rough) The Principal Boy; a bit of a likeable rogue, who’s cheeky, quick-witted and streetwise.

P.C. Wee-Wee (Of The Peking Police) Male or Female; a Comedy Policeman.

Sergeant Wu-Wu (A Peking Police Dog)  A Pantomime Animal. Wu-Wu is obviously the brains of the outfit!

Chengzu the Wise (The Emperor of China) The Emperor of China during the Ming Dynasty, about the same time as The Arabian Nights were being compiled; kindly, but a bit of a ditherer; tends to get into a fankle or loses track of what he’s saying; adores his daughter; loves flattery and is easily led by Bung.

Princess Pekoe (The Emperor’s daughter) The Principal Girl; charming, delightful, with an infectious giggle; very much down-to-earth, with a modern outlook on things; hates soppiness.

Kasrac (Abu Nazir's Slave)  Male or Female; dark glasses, baseball cap, etc. Tries to act tough, but is really a big softie.

Chorus of Citizens of Peking, Courtiers & Demons, etc.