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 Ali Baba

 Babes in the Wood

 The Legend of Cinderella

 Dick Whittington

 The Emperor’s New Clothes

 Jason and the Argo-Nuts!

 Little Red Riding Hood

 Mother Goose

 The Nutcracker Panto!

 Puss in Boots

 Robinson Crusoe

 Adventures of Sherbert Dipp


 Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

 Little Bo Peep

 The Snow Queen

 Jack and the Jabberwock

 Humpty Dumpty




The Legend of Cinderella Cast

Sir Doddie Twaddle (The Laird of Clartystanes Castle) Eccentric, with a heart of gold, extremely trusting and prone to malapropisms.

Sneck (A Castle Guard) & Snib (His Assistant) Pantomime Mice, with a penchant for puns. Laden down with huge bunches of keys.

Scriven (The Laird’s Private Secretary) A decrepit and fanciful old Rat, who later is turned into the Coachman. He could be played by an older child. He is dressed in a tatty tailcoat and wears pince-nez.

Buttons (The General Factotum) Semi-serious character. His love for Cinderella is unrequited, which is obvious to everyone except him. He has lots of pathos and flashes of sarcastic wit. He acts as the Narrator-Storyteller.

Calluna (Queen of the Faeries) She is unworldly and quite ethereal in costume and make-up, with a wicked glint in the eye.

Dalriada (Heid Faerie Godmother) Her initial appearance is that of an old and magical “Spey Wife”, dressed in rags, yet when she reveals her true self she is really rather young and scrumptious!

Prince Alban (Calluna’s Son) The Principal Boy; dim, dashing and brave, with slightly ethereal make-up.

Fisticuff (Alban’s “Minder”) He is as thick as two short planks but would lay down his life for the Prince.

Thron (Evil Queen of the Hobgoblins) Quietly determined and subtle in her evil ways, but as common as muck whenever her disguise slips. She is the real Villain of the piece!

Cinderella (The Laird’s Kind Hearted Daughter) Sweet natured, level-headed and totally captivating, with an infectious giggle whenever Buttons is around or when her father gets into a muddle.

The Photogenically Challenged Daughters
Producers are at liberty to name them according to current trends in the world of modelling, television or popular music. They should not be the traditionally accepted “Evil Stepsisters”, but big, daft, cheeky, naughty and instantly loveable, with the usual array of ludicrous and downright bizarre costumes.

Billy Doo (A Messenger Pigeon) Can be portrayed by someone in the Chorus. Helmet, “flying” scarf and goggles.

Chorus of Village Children, Hobgoblins, Dancing Vegetables, Highland Chieftains, Female Faeries,Thanes of Elfin, Villagers, etc.