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The Adventures of Dick Whittington

This is one of those simple Front of Curtain scenes where the only setting is a signpost and a milestone.

Tomasso is lying beside the milestone, pretending to be asleep. Enter Dick Whittington.

Dick Oh, I must be reaching Old London Town soon… I’m exhausted! I’ve walked for miles!

He becomes aware of the Audience.

Dick Oh, hello Boys and Girls! And all you big Boys and Girls too… My name’s Dick Whittington… Delighted to meet you! (He bows) I’m going to seek my fortune in Old London Town, I am! I’ve been walking for days on end, you know? They say the streets are paved with gold! Do you think it’s true?

He debates this with the Audience.

Dick Or is it just some fanciful fairytale…?

Song: Dick Whittington

Suddenly in the distance we hear the bells of London ringing.

Dick Listen! I must be near to London now…!

Dick laughs and sings along with them. An offstage Chorus joins in with him.

Dick “Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement’s…
You owe me five farthings,
Say the bells of St. Martin’s…
When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey…
When I grow rich,
Say the bells of Shoreditch…
When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney…
I do not know,

Says the great bells of Bow…”

As he is singing Tomasso “awakens”, listens to him and starts to dance. Dick is suddenly aware of him.

Dick Why, hello there! And what might your name be, my fine fellow…? Or should I say, fine feline?

He laughs. Tomasso gives a look to the Audience, then points to a tag on his collar.

Dick (Reading) “Tomasso il Gatto”… “Il Gatto”? I’m sure that means, “cat”…? Tomasso, eh?

Tomasso bows then pulls himself up to his full height and poses.

Dick “Il butch Gatto”, I suppose…? And are you a traveller too?

Tomasso nods.

Dick Hoping to find your fame and fortune? Like me, old fellow?

Tomasso gives him the “thumbs up”. Dick talks to the Audience.

Dick Do you think I should let him tag along, Boys and Girls? How about all you big Boys and Girls too?

Tomasso leads an enthusiastic response.

Dick He’d be a great companion.

More Audience Participation. Dick finally agrees and they shake on it.

Dick Mind you… Your name…? “Tomasso…”?  We’ll need to change it…? Let me think…

Tomasso bristles at the very idea.

Dick Bit fruity, don’t you think? Sounds a bit like, “tomato”…

Tomasso looks to the Audience and gives a “get him” look and sighs. Dick consults the Audience for some ideas.

Dick I think I’ll call you, er… “Tim”?  

Gets more ideas from the Audience


Dick “Sat-Nav”? “Tom-Tom”? Erm, “Tommy”… Yes, Tommy! (To the Audience) Shall I, Boys and Girls? Shall I call him “Tommy”?

Hopefully, this will cause great debate.

Dick Then “Tommy” it is… Now, how much further have we to go? (Looking at the signpost) Doesn’t say here… What’s a “kilometre”? (To Audience) Any idea, you lot? Can’t be too far…?

Meanwhile, Tommy is trying to indicate the milestone and gets the Audience to draw Dick’s attention to it. The penny finally drops!

Dick (Reading it) “One mile”, eh? You know, Tommy? I wish you’d told me earlier…! Would have saved a lot of time… (Realising) Oh, silly me! Of course you can’t talk…!

He laughs. Tomasso winks at the Audience and gives him another “get him” look.

Dick So, shall we? For fame and fortune! Let’s to Old London Town…! Where the streets are paved with gold…?